CONDITIONAL lOVE - a 16 song collection of religious and secular music.  Words and music copyright 2010 by Jock Motz. Permission is granted by the copyrighter to copy, duplicate, and use all music downloaded from this website except for monetary gain. For the CD and the 16 song collection CONDITIONAL LOVE: exclusive rights claimed and reserved by the copyrighters including voice, words, and music. Jock Motz       
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Conditional Love

Inspirational and Secular Songs by Jock Motz


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1. Conditional Love
2. My Goodbye
3. A Special Peace for Believers
4. Jesus Bids Farewell to Mary
5. Forever Again
6. My Love's Not Stoppin'
7. A Devil of a Song
8. Everybody's Gal
9. Enmity
10. The Old Woman
11. The Little Lambs Who Cry
12. A Light in the Window
13. Jesus Calls Me
14. The Dallas Carpenter Waltz
15. The Spirit Brings Roses
16. Starvation