a collection of 12 songs from
the original gospel music of Jock Motz


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  1) Bird   5) I Was There   9) Melancholy Moon
  2) Uncle Moses   6) Truth 10) The Eulogy
  3) The Pessimist   7) How Many Times 11) A Birthday Tribute
  4) Join   8) Oochie Koochie 12) If Only You Believe


  13) Bonus song: The Crucifixion

   INSPIRATION - a 12 song collection of gospel music. Words and music copyright 2005 by Jock Motz. Permission is granted by the copyrighter to copy, duplicate, and use all music downloaded from this website except for monetary gain. For the CD and the 12 song collection INSPIRATION: exclusive rights claimed and reserved by the copyrighter including my voice my words and my music. Jock Motz     





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