1 In Loving Memory      
  2 Moonlight Waltz      
  3 Dancing / Angel Waltz      
  4 Cheater's Waltz      
  5 Hate'n You Waltz      
  6 My Old Kentucky Waltz      
  7 Peach Blossom Band Waltz      
  8 Praise and Thanks Waltz

In Loving Memory

Dorothy Weaver
(Dortha Mae Manlove)

May 2, 1921 - June 21, 2007

  9 The Eunuch's Song / Trumpet
  10 A Mother Load of Roses
  Although non-professional, Dorothy won first place honors in both the waltz and jitterbug categories in the 2004 contest sponored by The Ziegler Dance Studio in Covington, KY.  Words are lacking to express my sentiments. It's been an adventure to say the least. I never knew what was coming next. Your selfless love endures forever.

                                  Missing You !!   Love, Jocko



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