Letters From The Little Friends
of Jesus at The Worship Center




  Chapter 1...................................Conditional Love
  Chapter 2 ..................................Humility


Chapter 3 ..................................The Holy Spirit


Chapter 4 ..................................Love and Hatred
  Chapter 5 ..................................The True Church
  About the Author.........................Jock S. Motz





Chapter 1



Chapter 2



I am writing you today on behalf of the little children who live at "The Little Friends of Jesus Worship Center".

Dear children; the chosen ones of God and the servants of his loving son Jesus Christ:

We pray with you and for you that we are bringing new members as well as the lost sheep into the fold through the written and spoken word of our loving savior Jesus Christ.

The last time we spoke with you, you were asking us questions about the writings of  Paul and the things that he said in his first letter to the Corinthians and we said that we would get back with you.

The first question you ask us was, "Why did Paul say 'When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child and I reasoned like a child. When I became a man I gave up my childish ways.' (1Cor.13:11) Then he goes on to imply that now he fully understands and anyone who listens to him will fully understand". (1Cor.13:12)

We thought about what you said and about what he said and most of us agree we don't understand why he said these things. Is he telling us we should be like him?

It sounds as though he is telling us to think, speak and reason like a man not like a child. It even seems to contradict what Jesus said! "Truly, truly I say to you unless you turn and become like children you cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven". (Mt.18:3-4)

The second question yo8u ask us about Paul was why did Paul say "God appointed teachers in the Church" (1Cor.12:28)?

Not singular, teacher!

But plural, teachers!

And again! Most of us agree we don't understand why Paul said this: "Jesus said, 'There is only one teacher, I am your teacher'".(Mt.23:8)

Well! so much for Paul and we're sorry we could not enlighten you as to what Paul meant and why he said these two things.

And now, with the good Lord willing and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will try to give you some thoughts that might help you to discern the difference between true humility and false humility.

We will start off by saying: in all humility, we are not the teacher here, but are merely servants of our one and only teacher, Jesus Christ and we will try to relay his message to you in accordance with the Father's will.

It has come to our attention here by word of mouth that some of our little friends think they are useless, worthless servants and that they are nothing special and that they are no better than anyone else on this earth even though they are chosen and follow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ.

We would like to comment on your thoughts and these statements you are making!

What you are saying seems to us is only partly true. True, we are useless and helpless if you do not have a helping hand from the Father in Heaven, but we would all do well to remember that the Chosen Ones, those who are following in the footsteps of Jesus, are special indeed! They are better off than those who are not chosen. God blesses the Chosen Ones with very special gifts!

If you cannot accept this belief because we are saying it, then believe it because it is a truth that our Teacher, Jesus Christ, has taught us and if we deny we are something special and no better than others, then we are denying our Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Jesus tells us from the Sermon on the Mount about the special blessings his Father gives to those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness sake, they
    will be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful, they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure of heart, they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs
    is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed are they when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jesus speaks of many blessings throughout the written Gospel: "Anyone who gives up a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a husband, or wife, or child, a home, or any earthly possession they cherish and they do it because they want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, they will receive a reward a  hundred times over, not only in this life. but in the life to come (Mt.18:29-30)

Do the birds of the air sow or reap? Yet the Fat6her feeds them. Look at the wild flowers. Do they toil or spin? Yet I assure you not even Kings are arrayed like these, and if God so loves the flowers and the birds that are here today and gone tomorrow, how much more does he love you. (Lk.12:22-31)

To those who make use of their talents, more will be given. (Mt.25:14-29)

Now I ask you, aren't those who follow Jesus truly blessed?

So little children, stay focused on what Jesus is saying, not on what others are saying, for there is only one teacher of Christianity and that is Jesus Christ  and please remember the only one who fully understands all things is God the Father.

Ironic as it may sound, the prudent and the wise are the ones who say they know very little; not the ones who say they know a lot and fully understand.

How could any living person on this earth possibly understand the enormous capacity of God the Father's awesome love?

Oh if only we could fathom the depths of God's love. If you read the last verses of beloved John's gospel in his last chapter, he ends his gospel writings by saying, "I suppose there wouldn't be enough room in the world to contain the books to describe god's love

Yes, we hear you, beloved John! If every man, woman, and child that was ever born sat down and typed twenty-four hours a day from the time they were born until the time they died, they could not accomplish the task of describing God's love.

So once again, little children, consider what you are telling people about yourself and don't say to yourself: "We are no better than anyone else."

If any of you do not feel truly blessed and special then we suggest you be more earnest in your prayers and your fasting.

Consider what Jesus did before he began his public life. He fasted and prayed for forty days and nights. God will hear you and send his Holy Spirit to help you.

Pray then as Jesus prayed! Do not tell the Father you need this or that for yourself. The Father knows what you need before you even ask for it. Ask Him then for your daily bread, for your daily bread is not something you need, it is something the Father needs.

Ironic as it may sound, your daily bread is and are those gifts that the Father gives to you so that you can give back to Him.

So when you pray, ask the Heavenly Father to send His Holy Spirit upon us all and to bless us in accordance with his will so that we are better able to serve Him and others through our prayers and good works.

And remember, do not boast or brag about yourself, for no one likes a braggart. Boast and brag then about those who help you do God's will and don't practice false humility by saying you are no better than anyone else, telling them you are worthless and useless, for the only time your are worthless and useless is when you are not trying to do God's will.

If  you're a Christian and you believe that God the Father, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit abide in you, and you call yourself a fool, then what are you calling God the Father, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

So let us remain as little children who need a helping hand and realize that we cannot make it on our own.

And don't practice false humility by saying, "I can't do anything", for with God's help, all things are possible.

Oh little Children:

They long to hear what we hear but will never hear it.

They long to see hat we see but will never see it.

They long to smell what we smell but will never smell it.

They long to feel what we feel but will never feel it.

They long to taste what we taste but will never taste it.

May every beat of our heart be a prayer of praise and thanks to the Heavenly Father, Jesus, his Holy Spirit, his angels, his saints and his Chosen Ones, now and forever; and may it resound from the ends of the earth, form the ends of the Heavens in a never ending chorus.

Please keep praying with us and for us and may the peace and love of Jesus be with us all.

Sincerely yours,

Your little friends of Jesus at the worship center.


It's interesting to note that St Peter, who was the rock on which Jesus built his church, gives Paul a tongue lashing in the last letter by Peter, in making reference to Paul's letters he states

"There are some things in them hard to understand which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction. You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, beware lest you be carried away with the error of lawless men and lose your own stability." (2Peter3:16-17)

We children here at the worship center agree with what Peter is saying, not with what Paul is saying! We read Paul's letters with much skepticism. Paul's bragging and boasting that he is no longer a child; that he fully understands things; that God has appointed teachers of Christianity in the church including himself, seem to contradict the teachings of Jesus. "There is one teacher of Christianity - Jesus himself" (Mt.23:8)

It goes without saying that Paul, even though he brags that he fully understands (1Cor.13-12), in reality, he does not fully understand at all!

Of course he did not walk with Jesus during his public life, but came on the scene much later. Therefore,  he probably missed a lot of what the Teacher was saying

"The Holy Spirit is our comforter and will bring to remembrance all that Jesus said". (John.14:26-27)




Chapter 3


Little Children, Thank you for your recent letter! It's so good to know that you little servants of our loving savior Jesus Christ are remembering to pray for us every day and you can rest assured that we pray with you and for you every day just as you do for us.

Oh, if you could only see the roses blooming on our walkway! As you know, it's almost Christmas time, but despite the freezing temperatures the roses are still in full bloom and more little roses are on the way. All of us here at the center are declaring it a miracle.

Let us give thanks and praise for the un-lonely days and the roses over there ere blooming, for they bring to mind again his love that never ends and His need for never ending praise. (That sounds like a Jocko song).

You ask us in your last letter if we might comment on the preachers who are telling us they are filled with the Holy Spirit. We don't understand why they are saying this and though we ourselves do not feel like we are totally filled with the Holy Spirit, we will make a few comments. We believe that we are helped by the Holy Spirit only and in as much as we follow Jesus and try to do the Father's will in everything we say and do. So hopefully what we are saying is going to be in accordance with His will.


There are many translations, interpretations and definitions for the word filled, but the word filled in and by itself implies filled to total capacity with room for no more. So in retrospect and in that context only we would have to say the only one filled with the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit.

If anyone should tell us they are filled with the Holy Spirit we would have to say they are misleading us to say the least. Comparing yourself to the Holy Spirit is like comparing a grain of sand to the seashore.

Jesus tells us the Holy Spirit will be our comforter and will bring to remembrance all that He has said. (John 14.26-27)

Subsequently we would have to say that anything written in the bible after the life of Jesus Christ which is not a direct quotation of Jesus Christ is open to interpretation by the reader.

Some of the things that are written by the gospel writers are misleading to us and some of the things written by the gospel writers even seem to contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Some examples of this are seen in the writings of Paul when he says love is not provoking or irritating. (1Cor.13:4-7). Of course most of us realize that this is only partly true. The reason Jesus died on the cross was because his truth and love provoked and irritated people.

Another example can be seen in the writings of  beloved John who says no man shall see God. (1 Jn.4:12) This seems to contradict what Jesus said when He gave us the beatitudes from His sermon on the mount: "Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God" (Mt.5:8)

We can understand what Jesus is saying and what he means; but what John says to us seems lacking. It even seems to contradict what Jesus is saying.

John does not fully explain to us why he makes this statement. Of course we have an inkling of where John is coming from. (we're going out on a limb here.)

In the last verses of John's Gospel he says he supposes there wouldn't be enough room in the world to contain the books that it would take to describe God's love. (Jn.21-25)

So it could be that when John says "no man shall see God" he is simply saying you cannot see God in his totality.

Of course this is only speculation on our part. If there was another reason why he made this statement we haven't a clue as to what that reason would be.

So these are just a couple of examples of what we would call partial truth or the lesser truth. The greater truth is what Jesus says! To further illustrate the point we're trying to make, we will tell you a little story that might help you to understand that the lesser truth can sometimes mislead some of us.

There were three men standing together: Joe, a civil engineer, and a man that the local people called a bum or the town drunk.

Joe looked to the sky and said to the civil engineer, "Watta ya think?"

The engineer looked to the sky and said, "Looks cloudy. I'd say we're in for a downpour!"

So Joe turned to the bum and said, "whatta ya think?"

The bum replied "The sky is blue!"

So Joe said to the bum, "How can you say the the sky is blue:"

The bum paused for a moment, then with a stern face and in a stern voice and with impatience in his voice he said to Joe "The sky is blue!" With that he turned and walked away.

So Joe turned and said to the engineer, "Whatta ya make of that?"

The engineer just chuckled and explained to Joe that the man was the town drunk. "He's always saying things like that. He's a weirdo! and with that the rain began to fall so Joe parted company and headed for home.

Later that night, Joe said his prayers and went to bed and when he had fallen asleep a dream came to him. He dreamt he was kneeling beneath the cross on which Jesus was crucified. He looked up at Jesus and said, "Is there anything I can do?" Then Jesus said to him "The sky is blue!"

When he said this to him a great fear came over him. The feeling of fear was so great that it woke him from a sound sleep. He stood up and began to pace the floor. It took almost ten minutes for the spine tingling sensation to leave him. Then he sat in his chair for a ling tome and thought over and over about the dream and what it meant to him.

Then it came to him!

The sky was blue!

Of course, the sky is always blue!

The clouds just obscured my view!

We hope our little story helps you to understand the difference between lesser truth and greater truth and the way a lesser truth can mislead us sometimes.

The lesser truth in the story of course, is what the civil engineer said, "The sky looks cloudy". The greater truth is what the bum said, "The sky is blue". And why is the blue sky the greater truth? The BLUE SKY is that beautiful gift God the Father gives to us every day - unceasing - never ending!

But some of us let the clouds get in the way, Don't we?


Chapter 4



Little children; once again we are writing to you on behalf of the little children here at the Little Friends of Jesus Worship Center. May the peace and love of Jesus be with all of us. We thank you once again for your prayers and remember we are praying with you and for you every day.

Thank God for children like you who make welcome new members into the church and are bringing back those lost lonely sheep who have lost their way.

You have asked us about our thoughts on the subjects of love and hatred and it's nice to know that our recent letters are provoking an interest on these subjects.

In our last letter to you, we spoke about Jesus and how his truth and love provoked people; provoked people into doing bad things like nailing Jesus to the cross but we never told you how hatred and love can also provoke you into doing good things, so maybe we could tell you another little story or parable that might help you to understand this a little better.

Once upon a time there lived a man, a wife, and two small children in a house they called their home. The man worked hard to supply his family's needs and the wife took care of the house and two children while the husband was working.

Each evening when the man came home from work his wife would have his supper waiting for him and after the husband and children ate the wife would do the dishes and put the children to bed and her husband would go to the living room and sit in his easy chair reading the evening paper.

Even though the wife felt good about what she was doing for her husband and children she felt she was being used and taken for granted for neither the husband or the children ever gave her a thank you for her acts of kindness and love.

Of course the woman tried to loved them unconditionally with out expecting any thing in return but she thought if she talked to her husband maybe some good would come from it.

So the woman went to the living room and had a little talk with her husband. She told her husband I'm beginning to feel like a machine. Do you ever feel like a machine,. you know,. like you're not human anymore. Then she added,. I'm beginning to understand how God must feel sometimes when people don't give  him a little praise now and then.

Then she turned and left the room and once again her words of wisdom and love just seemed to go in one ear and out the other for her husband didn't seem to be listening to her.

After the man had finished his paper, he sat in his chair. His wife went to bed and still the man sat in his chair until the wee hours of the morning .He just sat there thinking and wondering about the things his wife had said. When he went to the bedroom his wife was sleeping so he went to bed without waking her.

The woman was up early in the morning and was fixing  breakfast for her husband and children when the man entered the kitchen. The wife looked at her husband and there were tears in his eyes and the wife thought maybe he was ill or something." What's wrong "she said, " Are you O. K.?" She went over to comfort him and then the man said, " I'm not a very good husband am I ? I can't remember the last time] thanked you and God for the many blessings he has given me." The woman put her head on the man's chest and began to weep. The husband was alarmed so he said to his wife" Did I say something wrong? "

"No ", his wife said" You didn't say anything wrong at all. You see all the time I was thinking about myself and the pain I was feeling and I never gave a thought about how you must feel. When was the last time I thanked God and you for this wonderful man who provides for us ." And with that the man stroked his wife's hair and said " guess we're a couple of dummies huh" ?

A little smile appeared on the husband'sface. A little smile appeared on the wife's face and the next thing you know they were telling each other how much they loved one another.

That evening when they sat down once again for their evening meal the man told his wife and children that from now on before they ate they would give praise and thanks to God for the food they were eating and the kind lady who prepared the food for them. Then the wife added. " and the man of the house who provides for us. "

We hope our little story illustrates how we can love people sometimes and they don't even realize they are being loved and how sometimes our love can be provoking; reminding us to thank God and each other for the many blessings God has given us .

Of course loving someone without expecting something in return is good in and by itself but think of how much better our love can be if it provokes someone into thanking God. And remember when we thank others we are thanking God. "Whatever you say or do for the least of these my brethren you are doing it to me"

And now little children we would like to tell you some things about hatred. We have been discussing about the word hatred here at the little friends of Jesus worship center and have arrived at some conclusions that might be of interest to you.

We have come to the conclusion that a lot of people think that feelings of hatred are bad and sinful. Even some of us children here at the center have been feeling that way and you have ask us yourselves about these feelings, so we guess you are concerned too and would like to hear our thoughts on the subject . In Saint Luke's Gospel, Saint Luke tells us some things that Jesus said on the topic of hatred. "Unless you hate your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your husband, your wife, your children, yes even your own life you can not be my disciple". (Lk.14:26)

Some of us here at the center have been thinking that hatred is the opposite of love but now that we've read and thought about what Jesus said we realize that we did not fully understand the meaning of the word hatred to say the least. So we looked for the word hatred in good old Danny Webster's dictionary and we found out that the feelings of hatred are not the opposite of love at all . But we have come to the conclusion that most people do think hatred is the opposite of love because of what they are saying. Hatred in and by itself means a strong dislike for something or some one for what they are saying and doing.

And then some one here at the center remembered a quotation in the bible that was written by Beloved John" They hated him without cause" (Jn 15:25 ) ; and right away we put two and two together and realized that you can use these feelings of hatred in a good way or a bad way.

Some times we hate people because they are saying or doing something that we might think is against God's law ; so you can readily see how we can use these feelings of hatred to do something good. We could talk to this person we disagree with or we could pray with them or for them and we may even learn something good ourselves in the process that would even help us to become a better person.

So I think it would be good for all of us to realize that hatred in and by itself is not bad. It's what we do with these feelings that that make it good or bad.

So let us stay focused on what Jesus is saying not on what others are saying. Let us all give thanks to the Father in Heaven and His Holy Spirit who brings to remembrance all that Jesus said (Jn. 14:26-27)

We have discussed both love and hatred and I think most of us are in agreement that both love and hatred can be provoking and that both love and hatred can be unprovoking and that both love and hatred can provoke us into doing something good or bad.

So with that in mind, let's move on to the last topic you ask us to comment on which was: Is it possible to define God's love in totality ? With the help of God the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit we will try to come up with a little story that will help us to understand the awesome enormity of God's Love.

A man once decided he would write about a leaf bud on a tree, so he took his little stool ,some writing paper, a little white ribbon and a pencil and went into his back yard .He picked out a little bud on a tree that was just beginning to form. Then he took his little white ribbon and tied it to the branch so as not to lose track of the leaf he was going to write about. 

The man sat down on his stool and began to write and every day for the next six months he would sit on his little stool and write about his leaf bud for about one hour. Each day he would write about five pages. He wrote how the sunlight made shadows on the leaf bud and how the sun made the leaf bud throw shadows on other leaf buds and on the ground. He wrote how the wind blew the leaf bud to the left, the right, up and down and how this effected the shadows that the leaf bud was making on other leaf buds and on the ground. Of course we can't forget the rain,. those little droplets of water hitting his leaf bud and the little droplets of water that fell from the little leaf bud onto other leaf buds and the ground. Sometimes he would write early in the morning and sometimes in the early evening so he could write about the morning dew and the setting sun and how these two things effected his leaf bud. This went on and on for he saw so many things he wanted to write about his leaf bud and latter in the season about the leaf itself. He even wrote about the frost and how the frost finally brought his leaf to the ground and when he had finished his writings he had written five pages times thirty days times six months or about nine hundred pages.

This was a story about one leaf. Now just imagine how much of a task it would be to write about every leaf that ever existed in time and you will begin to understand what an impossibility this would be . Think about every star in the universe, every drop of water in the ocean, every grain of sand. This is just a small part of God's love! Comparing this to the totality of God's love is like comparing a human cell to the totality of human cells.

So little children we hope this little story helps you to understand what Beloved John was talking about in his last couple of verses in his last chapter of his gospel writings. You ask us in your last letter if we thought Beloved John was exaggerating. We think we have answered your Question!

Please continue to pray with us and for us as we pray with you and for you. May the peace and love of Jesus be with us all !


Your little friends of Jesus at the worship center




Chapter 5


We?ve been getting letters here at the Little Friends of Jesus Worship Center asking us if we had an opinion on all the controversy in our local newspaper: letters to the editor about a document the Pope read on 7/10/07 concerning the True Church.


A lady wrote in to the editor and said she was embarrassed by the Pope?s remarks. Being a practicing Catholic all her life, she couldn?t understand why the Pope said the Catholic Church was the only True Church and all other churches were defective. It was her belief that there were other churches that could lead you to that Promised Land through the teachings of Jesus Christ.


A couple of days later a second man wrote into the editor of the newspaper criticizing the First Lady who said she was embarrassed by the Pope?s remarks. He said the embarrassed woman was lacking in faith and if she did not believe what the Pope was saying then she must believe the Catholic Church is the false church and that the Pope was making a false statement.


Then a couple of days later, a Lutheran minister wrote into the editor and said the Pope owed all Christian churches an apology and said the Pope was arrogant for making such remarks.


The Little Friends of Jesus have been reading the letters to the editor about all this controversy about the Pope?s remarks also, and are filled with wonderment at some of the remarks that are being made by the Pope and the remarks criticizing the Pope and remarks criticizing the criticizers of the Pope. So if the good Lord?s willing, the Little Friends of Jesus will try to shed some light on all of this controversy about the True Church.


If any of you have read out earlier chapters in our book you will recall some things we said about people calling themselves ?Fathers? or ?Teachers? in the Church or telling people they are filled with the Holy Spirit.  When people say things like this we here at the center feel that they are misleading us. Comparing ourselves to the Father, his son Jesus, or the Holy Spirit is incomprehensible.


Any one of us, or any group of people could say they are a part of God?s True Church if we make use of the Holy Spirit that the heavenly Father gives to us through baptism. The Holy Spirit in the words of Jesus is our comforter and will bring to remembrance all that he said.


If we follow the one and only Teacher in God the Father?s True Church, who is Jesus Christ alone, and if we say and do the things he tells us to do then we can say we are a part of the True Church. (Emphasis on the words ?we? and ?part?.) We ? meaning God the Father, his Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Angels and God?s chosen ones in heaven and on earth.


To simply say, ?We are the True Church?, is misleading. You are leaving out the most important qualifications that are required for you to make such a statement: God the Father! God the Father is the True Church. If you simply say, ?I am the True Church? or ?We are the True Church?, you?re implying that ?I? or ?We? are God. At one?s very best the most we could ever say is,? we are a part of God the Father?s True Church?, and for any person or group of people to say ?I? or ?we? are the True Church and all other churches are defective only amplifies this distorted view. In effect what they are saying is ?We are the Fathers and the Teachers in God?s True Church?. This is unconscionable!


Jesus Christ is the one and only teacher in the God the Father?s True Church and the only Father in God the Father?s True Church is God the Father himself. We can be earthly fathers, we can be earthly teachers but we cannot be Fathers or Teachers in God?s True Church. It?s one thing to say I am a teacher or we are teachers who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. It?s quite another thing to day you are a teacher of Christianity or you are the Teacher in God?s True Church. The only teacher of Christianity and the only teacher in God?s True Church is Jesus Christ.


Similarly you could say you are a teacher who follows the theories of Einstein but to say you are the teacher of Einstein physics or you are the Einstein physics teacher is a fallacy. The only teacher of Einstein physics is Albert Einstein himself.

The only time any of us or any group of us can say ?we? (meaning God the Father, his Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Angels and chosen ones) are a part of the True Church is when we are saying or doing the Father?s will which is of course saying or doing what the Father?s one and only teacher ? Jesus Christ ? told us to say or do. We can make suggestions or give opinions about what Jesus said or did, but we cannot say, ?If you don?t follow my opinion or suggestion you are committing a sin.? Let us not pass judgment, for those who do not follow the teacher bring judgment on themselves, do they not?


We are all unique! We are not all going to come up with the same answers as we follow the teachings of Jesus Ch4rist. What is good for one of us is not necessarily good for all of us. A beautiful thought comes to all that read between the lines of sacred scripture spoken by Jesus. He gives us freedom to make our own choices.


Do any of you remember the things Jesus said to the Jewish people when they accused him of sin because he was working on the Sabbath?  He called them hypocrites. He said they were following their own man made law, not God?s law. God?s law is to keep holy the Sabbath day. Then he adds. ?The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath, the Father desires mercy on the Sabbath not sacrifice. If we read between the lines Jesus gives us freedom to keep the Sabbath holy in any way we think is good in the eyes of God the Father.


It?s ironic, isn?t it? Jesus no sooner gets these words out of his mouth than along come the Catholics who Clo re-enact the old Jewish law and tell the congregation it?s a sin to wok on the Sabbath. We are not just criticizing Catholic doctrine. Surely there are others who think they are the True Church, who have misgivings, who make up their own man made law and say if you break their law you are committing sin. Once again we say suggestions and opinions can be good and helpful to those who are trying to follow Jesus but let?s leave it at that. Let us not say our opinion is God?s law and if you don?t follow our opinion you?re committing a sin.

We here at the Center remember reading in the Catholic Encyclopedia about a quotation by Jesus Christ on which the Catholics base their belief that they have to power not only to make up their own man-made law but also have the authority to say you are committing a sin if you break their man made law. The quotation is as follows: ?Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them, whose sins you shall retain they are retained. Whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven, whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.?


Do you see anything in the quotation that would give us the authority to make up some new commandments or eliminate some of the old ones? Jesus is simply talking about forgiving sin. If a person has remorse because he has sinned in the eyes of God then it?s our duty to tell him hi is forgiven. Hence, he is loosed from his sin. And of course the opposite is true. If a person is knowingly breaking God?s law and has no remorse for what he is doing then we have the duty to tell him he is bound by his sin and the only way he can be loosed of his sin and its consequences is to have remorse. Hence, we have the power to bind one to din or to loose one from sin, except the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is unforgivable. Jesus gives this authority to all of us, not just a select few. ?Forgive us our trespasses and we forgive those who trespass against us.? To say that this same quotation gives any person other than Jesus Christ the authority to make up their own man made rules on how we are to live as Christians seems flawed to us.



We feel here at the center that the Angels in Heaven are rejoicing over the fact that the first lady who wrote into the editor was embarrassed by the Pope?s remarks for she sees the greater truth. Not only can Catholics be a part of the True Church but also this privilege can belong to any one who follows Jesus Christ in earnest. The second man who wrote into the editor criticizing the embarrassed lady said, ?If she didn?t believe what the Pope said, then she must believe the Pope and the Catholic Church are the false church?. Of course the lady didn?t say this nor was it implied by what she said. She simply said the Pope made a misleading statement, which he did.



Does anyone actually believe the Catholic Church could define God?s truth and love in its totality? There are thousands upon thousands of miles of blue sky out there. Are we going to let one little speck of a cloud called the Catholic Church obscure our view? If every Catholic ever born sat down at a typewriter and typed 24/7 from the time they were born until the day they died, the totality of truth they could type would be like comparing a grain of sand to the seashore. To think any person or group of people on this earth could define truth in it totality is unconceivable.


Take time from its first inception, divide this time into seconds, divide the second by one thousand you will have an inkling of how fast and how many gifts of truth and love are coming at us from God the Father each and every day, blessing each one of us in a very unique way. Is it possible to define the totality of truth and love, let alone make up a law governing the use of these gifts? Don?t you see that this is not even a remote possibility? The law has already been written and was handed down to us by Moses and this same law was fulfilled for us by the teaching of Jesus Christ.  The last letter of the law will not be an ecumenical document handed down to us by the Pontiff in Rome. The last letter of the law has already been written by our teacher, Jesus. The last letter of the law is the fifth letter of the alphabet in the English language: LovE! If that?s too hard to understand, Jesus makes it easy for us:? Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself?. What good is all our faith if you have not love?


Don?t you understand that we are all unique? Jesus tells us we have to dislike our mothers and earthly fathers, out brothers and sisters, our spouses, our children and even ourselves if we want to be his disciples. If my brother tells me a good way to keep the Sabbath holy is to drink some alcohol like Jesus did, does this mean that I?m going to like him for what he says? Are we? Or is anyone else, going to agree with him after he seEdit FileWh finishes off a six-pack o beer? Don?t you see how many factors are involved? Is he going to drive? Is he going to lie down and sleep it off? Is he going to be a boor? Is he going to be congenial? How many can he drink before he thinks he?s sinning? Is it good for him to tell others to drink too? Should we sit down and write a book on a thousand ways drinking beer can be good and a thousand ways drinking beer can be bad? Do you really believe this is what God the Father wants us to do? Does He really want us to define truth and love in totality? Shall we waste out time trying to do the impossible or should we make our life simple, make our burden light and our yoke easy by simply doing what our Father wants us to do as we follow Jesus our teacher in our own unique humble way: loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves? Let us not waste our time judging others! If they think what they?re doing is right in the eyes of God then let God be their judge. Can you only imagine how many thousands of books have been written on the subject of human sexuality? Thousands and thousands of opinions on how we should or should not use this gift. Thousands and thousands of opinions about what is right and what is wrong when we use these gifts, and what is the end result of all this writing? Do the true Christians of the True Church follow the Pope, the Jews, the Protestant preachers, and all the other people who are telling them what to do? The Little Friends of Jesus say it?s time to stop following self-appointed teachers. It?s time to re-focus! It?s time to start following Jesus again.

What the Little Friends of Jesus are about to tell you is true. This is not fictitious or made up. This actually happened and the Little Friends of Jesus witnessed it, much to their consternation! We were in a Catholic Church for a Confirmation ceremony. A bishop of the Catholic Church was the Master of Ceremonies. Now keep in mind that his bishop is a Catholic priest with twelve years of theology behind him and keep in mind he is talking to twelve and thirteen year old children. This is a direct quotation of what he said as he was giving a homily to the little children:

?It?s hard to love,

It?s hard to forgive

It?s hard to be a Christian

It?s hard to be a Catholic?


Well, one out of four is not too bad. At least he had the last one right! Why didn?t he just stick it to them good and say ??follow Jesus, the burden is heavy and the yoke is hard??


Remember what the rock St Peter tells us in the last verses of his letter as he tells us to stay focused. Speaking of St Paul?s letters, Peter says ?beware of lawless preachers lest they lead you to your destruction? So it goes without saying that some of us, even groups of us can make unwise statements even though they were not intended to be offensive and misleading but sometimes are offensive and misleading.


As for the Lutheran minister who said the Pope was arrogant and owed all Christians an apology, we could make a suggestion that maybe it would do well for him and all of us to take a look at ourselves in the mirror. Are we to apologize for our every mistake every time we are unintentionally negligent, every time we hurt someone?s feelings when we were simply trying to convey a truth to them? For most of us that would be a full time job, 24/7, for the rest of our lives. Let?s be realistic! Making mistakes are not the same as intentionally trying to deceive or hurt someone in a sinful way. Do you really think the Pope was intentionally trying to deceive us? Even if you thought what the Pope said was a sin, is it out place to judge him? Is it our job to demand that the Pope should bend his knee, bow his head, beat his breast three times and say ?Heavenly father I have sinned against you and my fellow man. Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!? Let us judge not lest we be judged! It?s one thing to disagree with the Pope?s statement but it?s quite another thing to demand an apology.


Let us all pray then that we can all overlook others? unintentional misgivings, as we would want them to overlook our unintentional misgivings. After all, we?re only human aren?t we? The Little Friends of Jesus at the worship center have a suggestion for all of our little friends out there who are trying to follow Jesus and be a part of God the Father?s True Church. Here at the Center we call ourselves all denominational Christians, meaning we believe that any organized religion here on this earth that tries to follow Jesus in earnest can be a part of God the Father?s True Church. Not only organized groups but even individuals who follow Jesus and put into proactive the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our suggestion for those who are trying to be a part of God?s true Church is to bring to memory for others those beautiful quotations of Jesus Christ, ?The Father abides in the Son?unless you eat my body and drink my blood you cannot have eternal life.? What better way is there to serve God than to ask him to abide in you just as he abides in his Holy Spirit, his son Jesus, his Angels, and his chosen ones in heaven and on earth? And when you give this gift to others, show them you have faith!


If you believe that the Father?s body and the Father?s blood abides in you then let others know that if they accept this gift that the Father gives to you to give to them; that they too can be part of his body and blood. This is the Father?s body and blood. This is our body and blood. Take you and eat it, take you and drink it that you may have eternal life.


Our daily bread is not only the bread we buy at the corner store. Our daily bread is all the gifts the Father gives to us so that we can give back to him and this includes His Body and His Blood, and don?t forget the plurals!  We are not only to pray for ourselves! ??Give us?forgive us?lead us?deliver us?


Pray for others as they pray for you. Jesus wants us to join together as we pray with him, the Holy Spirit, the Angels, the chosen ones in heaven and on earth. We are all praying for the same thing, are we not? Let the Father?s will be done in everything we say or do now and at the hour of our death and for all eternity.


What is the Father?s will? The sun shines on the good and the bad alike. Some will use the Father?s gifts with lust in their hearts and yet others will make use of these gifts to serve God. Those who make good use of God?s gifts will be given more, filled to the top, overflowing. This is the Father?s will then, to make use of the Father?s gifts of selfless love that his is giving to us each and every day, gifts that we give back to the Father and anyone who gives these gifts to the least of these our brethren they are giving this same gift back to Jesus, back to the Father. Loving another person in a Christian way is the same as loving God.


And by all means don?t forget to love yourself. It?s not humanly possible to love another until you first accept loving yourself, so accept these gifts of love that God is offering you inasmuch as it helps you to serve God. And if one of the gifts that has been given to you is keeping you from serving God, remember once again what Jesus says: ??anyone who gives up a mother, their earthly father, a brother, a sister, a child, a home, or any earthly possession that they cherish and they do this because it helps them to serve God, they will receive a gift many fold, not only in this lifetime but for all eternity as well.


Look how Jesus was blessed! He gave up the love and security of his parents and his home. He gave up the intimate love and security that a marriage could have offered him and subsequently was loved by thousands on this earth and millions after his earthly death.

 ??All it takes is faith, just believe that it?s true and we will promise you, oh precious love, never ending selfless love, a thousand times more than any love you?ve ever felt before??  (A lyric from the Eunuch?s song by Jocko)


Now for those of you who are pompous, arrogant, self-assuming and self-righteous, we might remind you of something Jesus said: ?Unless you humble yourself like this little child you will not see eternal life?.  Yes, like this little child whose Angels never cease seeing the face of God. Isn?t that an alluring thought? So let us follow Jesus, not the pompous and arrogant. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus. ?The yoke is easy and the burden is light?.


We know what some of you are thinking. What?s easy about following Jesus? Who wants to be hated and despised? Who wants to be scourged and spit upon? Who wants to hang on a cross in the hot sun for three hours and bleed to death? Who wants to be forsaken in their last hour by the heavenly Father as they hang on a cross performing their perfect act of love?


Oh let?s not be pessimistic now!  Jesus didn?t say we were all going to wind up like him if we choose to follow him and even if we did remember what Jesus tells us. If you follow me I will make your burden light and your yoke easy. You could quite possibly wind up like beloved John and live to be an old man. Some authors thing that John lived well into his eighties, fell asleep one night and Jesus came and picked him up in his arms and carried him to heaven


Why did Jesus call John beloved? (Great lover) Why was he spared a martyr?s death? We don?t have answers to these questions other than the fact that Jesus called him beloved. That means he loved God very much. We can only make suppositions about John?s life because not that much was written about him in sacred Scripture. He was quite possibly a self-made eunuch. Those who make eunuchs of themselves for the sake of the kingdom of heaven are granted special privileges by the Father in heaven. In Jesus? own words he tells us not all can understand this precept but only those to whom God the Father wishes to reveal it to. Not only do they not understand it, they don?t even think it?s humanly possible. When Jesus was talking about eunuchs he was not talking about the physical make up of a eunuch. He was speaking about ones mental attitude for even a physical eunuch can look upon another with lust in his heart. Eunuchs can be male or female.


Living a long life can be a blessing and we feel here at the center that it was a blessing for beloved John.  Is living a long life in and by itself a blessing? Some will tell you spending the last ten years of your life in a nursing home like a vegetable is not their idea of a blessing. Some even think suicide is doing God and others a favor. If these poor people who feel useless to God and others were given a choice of spending another ten years in a nursing home or hanging upon a cross in the hot sun for three hours while they bled to death and both of these choices guaranteed them eternal happiness in heaven??? Need we say more?


Mental anxiety can be a hundred times more painful than physical pain, isn?t that true? Did you ever once think about the frustration and the terrible anxiety that Jesus must have felt as he was dying on the cross? Where were all those people he blessed with his miracles? Where were those tens of thousand of people who said they believed him and loved him? There was only Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene and beloved John. My god, why have you forsaken me! Indeed!


So when you feel forsaken think about Jesus who was forsaken in his last hours as he hung on the cross dying for us sinners. Did you ever think of why God forsakes us sometimes? Is He telling us it?s time to give a little more, do a little more? What more could Jesus do? After all he was performing the perfect act of love, was he not? Some of us see now, there was one more thing he could do for us. He could give us one more beautiful lasting legacy, a dying testimonial of his undying faith and belief in his Father even though he was forsaken by his Father. ?Into your hands Father, I commend my spirit? Did you ever think of how many thousands of times that quotation has been read, spoken, or written since Jesus died on the cross?
Who was it that said the written or spoken word is not a verb? (Meaning love is doing, not saying) Let us not underestimate the power of the written and spoken word!  One little sawed off German with a mustache wags his tongue and ten million Jews die. How?s that for a verb? How many people do you suppose were and are polarized by those last words of Jesus, ?why have you forsaken me?into your hands I commend my spirit??  The never-ending legacy! The never ending Verb!


?Heaven and earth will pass away, my words will never pass away? May all the little friends of Jesus be blessed as Jesus was blessed in his last hours with a faith that will enable them to make an endless testimony, an endless legacy for all. Into your hands, Heavenly Father, let them commend their spirits.


And if any of the little friends of Jesus are feeling forsaken maybe the Father expects a little more from you. Try to think that each time you feel forsaken it is simply God telling you it?s time to put your foot on the next stepping g stone, you know, those stepping stone that lead to the pearly gates. Each time you take another step you will feel an increase in your faith, an increase in you Father?s love for you.


The little friends of Jesus at the worship center would like to thank all of you who took the time to read our letter. We hope in some way our message will help some one to follow Jesus. Please remember to pray with us and for us as we pray with and for you each and every day.


Heavenly Father we give you thanks and praise for all your selfless gifts of unending love that you shower upon us each and every day. May you bless in a special way all the little friends of Jesus who believe and who are trying to follow the teachings of your beloved son Jesus. If any are having mental or physical pain, send down another dose of that heavenly morphine to ease their pain as they journey through this vale of tears. Make their burden light and their yoke easy just as Jesus promised them now and at the hour of their death in the name of Jesus we pray.

This is the twenty-fifth day of August in the year of our Lord two thousand and seven.






  Name: Jock S Motz
  Birthday: February 7, 1935
  Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
  Occupation: Opening Doors and Turning on the Lights
  Religion: Christian
  Our Biggest Blessing: Our Daily Bread
  Our Biggest Fear: Fear Itself
  Our Greatest Virtue: Conditional Love
  Our Biggest Anxiety: The Lost Lonely Mislead Sheep