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  1) The Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key - 1814)  
  2) My Old Kentucky Home (Stephen Foster - 1854)
  3) Home on the Range (Dr.Brewster Higley & Dan Kelley - 1873)
  4) Arkansas Traveler (Sandford C Faulkner - 1875)
  5) God Bless America (Irving Berlin - 1889)
  6) Yankee Doodle Boy (George M Cohen - 1904)
  7) You're a Grand Old Flag (George M Cohen - 1906)
  8) America the Beautiful (Katherine Bates & Sam Ward - 1920)

This land is our land - an 8 song collection of patriotic music. Musical arrangements copyright 2005 by Jock Motz. Permission is granted by the copyrighter to copy, duplicate, and use all music downloaded from this website except for monetary gain. For the CD and the 8 song collection This Land is Our Land : exclusive rights claimed and reserved by the copyrighter including my voice and my arrangements. Jock Motz                                                        

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